AJ (ajmeow) wrote in twinxx,

Gilgamesh Cosplay

I was bored at work and went hunting figuring there had to be a Gilgamesh community here on LJ. Check it out, I found it! =D

My friends and I are fans of the anime and we recently did Gilgamesh costumes:

Novem: ziggybecket
Uno: ajmeow
Sex: praedestinatio
Quique: kitkat_nap
Quattor: positivespace

We have an Enkidu too but she didn't finish her pup tent in time. (Pup tent being our term for the big white cloak thing he wears at the end.) We'll probably do another photoshoot when she finishes. Gotta have the boss-man and all.

One of my favorite photos, taken by a different photographer then the one above. This is us attempting to re-create a scene later in the anime. It was damn hard to find anything resembling pillars in the hotel. LOL. We're not crazy enough to attempt another version of these costumes but one of these days I'd like to see someone do this scene and have all the Gilgamesh in white. Or we could just get really clever in Photoshop... =)

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