kyuketsuki (kyuketsuki) wrote in twinxx,

does anyone have the ending theme?

hello everyone!
i was wondering if anyone had the ending theme "wasuremono no mori"? i've been looking for it everywhere but i can't find it. i absolutely love that song so if anyone would be so kind as to upload it i would really appreciate it! thanks! ^_^
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I have TV size and full size, do you have aim? I can send it to you if so~
Ooh! Could you send the full size to me?

Also, do you have the full opening? I'd die if you could give it to me as well. :D

AIM: Hikarigan
Anyone have a webspace I could upload them to? would be easier ;p
ooh thank you!!
could you send me the full one?
aim: kyuketsukisan
it would probably be easier for you to upload to and then you can cut and paste the link they send you via email to this list. haha but if you get to me on aim first i can upload it to instead.
thank you so much!! ^_^