neptune47 (neptune47) wrote in twinxx,

The Crazy is Spreading!

I netflixed the first 4 disks of Gilgamesh (not realizing that not all of it had been released yet), and now I'm completely and utterly hooked. Unfortunately, I'm dying to know what happens next right now, but the next disk won't be released until February 28th. Big thumbs down. So as a new member of this community, I was wonder if anyone could provide me with some detailed spoilers as to what happens next or maybe send me episodes 18-24 through AIM, and I'll promise promise promise to delete them after I've watched since I know this is a licensed series.

For the record, I love Novem, more so after watching episode 17 (in which he and Kiyoko presumably make out, and then Tatsuya is arrested). After watching the preview for disc 5, I was literally bouncing up and down on my couch. Looks like Kiyoko goes psycho-bitch on the world, and Novem gets that green junk off licked off him. Plus, they play this really amazing song during the trailer. I don't know exactly what it's called...does anyone here know?

I'd really appreciate any help here, because I swear I'm losing my mind wondering about the end of the series. Thanks!
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