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Doujinshi to share ^_^

I promised dilettantka back in August that I'd scan this in when I got back from Tokyo - alas, my laziness is such that I've only just gotten round to it. (Gomen, Eda!) Gag with little shounen-ai bits and not nearly enough Novem-molestation for my liking, but it'll do for now ^_^

Title: Darkness
Author: Asaki Amamiya

Zip file here. Enjoy!
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WAH! thank you <3333333333333333
You're very welcome ^_^ I'm just sorry it took me so long, I'm really bad about getting round to do things for people unless I'm constantly nagged - though I will do it eventually.

You know, for demonic slutboys, they're not very...slutty. Novem should be having the time of his young, artificial life, and yet it's not happening. There is something very wrong with the Gilgamesh universe as a whole...
That's so cool! Thanks for sharing! :)
*bows* Pleased to be of service ^_^
thanks a lot~ ^-^ *hugs ze scans*
You're welcome - happy to share ^_^